Viola vittata Greene

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Botanical Name
Viola vittata Greene
Common Name
Bog White Violet, Strap-leaved Violet
Viola lanceolata L. var. vittata (Greene) Weatherby & Griscom; Viola lanceolata L. ssp. vittata (Greene) Russell
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Viola lanceolata L. var. vittata (Greene) Weatherby & Griscom
This southern violet barely reaches into Virginia at the northern edge of its range (mostly Gulf and Atlantic Coastal Plains). The map is very incomplete at this time, due to the fact that it has been lumped with Viola lanceolata in most previous Virginia floristic studies. Treatment as separate species follows Ballard, H.E., J.T. Kartesz, and M. Nishino. 2023. A taxonomic treatment of the Violets (Violaceae) of the northeastern United States and adjacent Canada. Jour. Torrey Bot. Soc. 150(1): 3-266.
Virginia habitats are presumably much like those of var. lanceolata.This southern variety barely reaches Virginia at the northern edge of its range. Its distribution is poorly known but probably restricted to the se. Coastal Plain. Critical examination of Coastal Plain specimens of V. lanceolata is needed to fully map this variety.
Native Status

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