Viola septemloba Le Conte

Locations ofViola septemloba Le Conte in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Viola septemloba Le Conte
Common Name
Southern Coastal Violet
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
in Taxa Not Treated: Unverified Taxa
Virginia herbarium specimens of this species, V. brittoniana, and V. edulis need critical study and re-evaluation due to possible confusion among these Coastal Plain violets. Particularly problematic is the relationship of V. septemloba and V. brittoniana, names which have both been applied by different people to very similar plants of the same region in se. Virginia. See comment under Viola brittoniana for a more detailed discussion of this issue. In their recent monograph on northeastern violets, Ballard et al. (2023, Jour. Torrey Bot. Soc. 150(1): 3-266), map this species in Virginia, but with no counties identified. Thus, until a systematic study and re-evaluation of our lobed-leaved Coastal Plain violets is made, we are not confident in mapping this species based on herbarium material labelled as such.
Virginia habitat uncertain (see comments above). Further south, in the main part of its range, V. septemloba usually inhabits "sandy pinelands," which are a component of the landscape in only a few of our southeastern counties.
Native Status

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