Vitis cinerea (Engelm.) Engelm. ex Millardet var. baileyana (Munson) Comeaux

Locations ofVitis cinerea (Engelm.) Engelm. ex Millardet var. baileyana (Munson) Comeaux in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Vitis cinerea (Engelm.) Engelm. ex Millardet var. baileyana (Munson) Comeaux
Common Name
Possum Grape
Vitis baileyana Munson
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Vitis cinerea (Engelm. in A. Gray) Engelm. ex Millard. var. baileyana (Munson) Comeaux
Map currently incomplete. See Comments under Vitis cinerea sensu lato. Virginia collections seem to confirm Moore’s (1991, Sida 14) description of var. baileyana as primarily a taxon of the Piedmont and mountains. However, the relative distributions of the two varieties still needs more fleshing out, as many herbarium specimens are not identified to variety. In addition, the two taxa can often be difficult to distinguish because all the diagnostic characters are gradational and overlapping.
Floodplain forests, mesic to dry-mesic upland forests, fencerows, and old fields. Frequent to common in the Piedmont and mountains (at low elevations), at least in the southern half of the state; apparently rare in the Coastal Plain and in n. Virginia. Although geography and habitats overlap in the eastern Piedmont, var. baileyana is more of an upland species than var. floridana.
Native Status

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