Eleocharis elliptica Kunth

Locations ofEleocharis elliptica Kunth in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Eleocharis elliptica Kunth
Common Name
Elliptic Spikerush
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Eleocharis elliptica Kunth
Records in Atlas III were referable to Eleocharis compressa var. compressa or E. tenuis and varieties. Eleocharis elliptica was not attributed to Virginia in FNA. A recent collection (Townsend, 2001) appears to be this species. The primary range of Eleocharis elliptica is north of Virginia. It is similar to E. compressa var. compressa, and has sometimes been lumped with it in the past, but has only slightly compressed, 6- to 8-angled culms. See also Comments under E. wolfii.
Open, calcareous spring marsh. Rare, mountains; a sterile specimen from Montgomery County (Ridge and Valley province) appears to be Eleocharis elliptica.
Native Status

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