Hexastylis contracta Blomquist

Locations ofHexastylis contracta Blomquist in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Hexastylis contracta Blomquist
Common Name
Mountain Heartleaf
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Hexastylis contracta Blomquist
Collected in 2003 by J.F. Townsend and confirmed by L.L. Gaddy in 2006 through the use of digital photos of intact flowers. Formerly considered an endemic of the Cumberland Plateau with a few disjunct occurrences in the Blue Ridge of North Carolina. This first report from Virginia adds the Ridge and Valley to the physiographic provinces from which it is known. Plants with very similarly shaped flowers occur in the slate belt and vicinity of the Virginia Piedmont, but have more pronounced reticulation in the tube of the calyx. These warrant further study.
Mesic, acidic cove forest with hemlock, cucumber tree, tuliptree, black gum, rosebay, etc.
Native Status

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