Carex austrina Mackenzie

Locations ofCarex austrina Mackenzie in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Carex austrina Mackenzie
Common Name
Southern Sedge
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
in Taxa Not Treated: Waifs
First found by Rod Simmons in 2005 in City of Alexandria and a year later by Charles Bryson in 2006 in Prince William County. These stations are published in Castanea 73(4):328 (2008). Recent, also found in Cumberland, Louisa, and Prince Edward counties. The source of this and other adventive carices is believed to be imported hay graded into the soil or used for erosion control. See also Carex arkansana, C. fissa, and C. opaca.
Seasonally wet meadow in former railroad stockyard; stabilized stream bank; low pasture edge; clearing along forest road through hardpan oak-hickory forest; mowed alluvial clearing by Appomattox River. Infrequent but apparently spreading in several areas of the state.
Native Status

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