Crataegus ×vailiae Britton

Locations ofCrataegus ×vailiae Britton in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Crataegus ×vailiae Britton
Common Name
Vail's Hawthorn
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Crataegus ×vailiae Britton
Crataegus vailiae was described from the banks of the Roanoke River, collected on a trip by New York Botanical Garden botanists N.L. Britton and Anna Vail in 1890. In Sida 22:436-441 (2006), J.B. Phipps interprets the plant as an intersectional hybrid between Crataegus uniflora and an entity in series Macracanthae, most likely C. calpodendron. Included therein is C. conjungens, an entity described by Sargent known only from the type locality in the vicinity of Clifton Forge. We have seen only a single specimen collected by T.G. Harbison, May 23, 1919: "Clifton Forge, a shrub 3 ft tall on the bank of the James River" (HUH).
Riverbanks, bluffs, floodplain forests. Infrequent to rare in the mountains and Piedmont; most known populations are in or near the central Blue Ridge and adjacent Piedmont.
Native Status

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