Symphyotrichum ontarionis (Wiegand) Nesom var. ontarionis

Locations ofSymphyotrichum ontarionis (Wiegand) Nesom var. ontarionis in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Symphyotrichum ontarionis (Wiegand) Nesom var. ontarionis
Common Name
Bottomland Aster, Lake Ontario Aster
Aster ontarionis Wieg.
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Symphyotrichum ontarionis (Wiegand) Nesom var. ontarionis
Ontario aster was found in a weedy habitat near the Clinch River by J.F. Townsend in 2008. Its scattered distribution across KY and TN suggests it may have been overlooked in the southwesternmost counties of Virginia. Perusal of specimens at VPI revealed another record from Russell County. Other occurrences are expected to turn up.
Mesic slope forests, weedy floodplains, and flood-scoured bars. Rare, sw. mountains; recently discovered in the state, along the Clinch River in Russell and Scott counties and along Russell Fork in Dickenson County.
Native Status

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