Crataegus berberifolia Torr. & Gray

Locations ofCrataegus berberifolia Torr. & Gray in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Crataegus berberifolia Torr. & Gray
Common Name
Barberry Hawthorn
Crataegus berberifolia Torr. & Gray var. berberifolia
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Crataegus berberifolia Torr. & Gray
Compared with "true" berberifolia of LA and TX, Eastern plants exhibit a wide range of variation in pubescence suggesting possible introgression with C. crus-galli (R.W. Lance, pes. comm.). The species is poorly known in Virginia, lacking in unifying habitat or geographical affiliation.
Open, mixed hardwood and pine forests and successional shrublands; in Pittsylvania Co., the species is found in thinly-canopied portions of a dry, oak-hickory-red cedar forest on a SE-facing slope above the Banister River. Rare; known only from Fairfax and Pittsylvania counties and Virginia Beach City.
Native Status

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