Schoenoplectus mucronatus (L.) Palla

Locations ofSchoenoplectus mucronatus (L.) Palla in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Schoenoplectus mucronatus (L.) Palla
Common Name
Bog Bulrush
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
in Taxa Not Treated: Waifs
Found in 2009 at a Virginia Aquatic Resources Trust Fund (TNC) wetland restoration site ca. 8 km W of Aylet, King William County. No emergent species were planted or seeded at this site, so this Eurasian bulrush seems to have gotten there by some natural vector. This species is also introduced in several Midwestern states, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersy, and California. It remains to be seen whether or not it will persist in Virginia. A detailed accounting of the discovery was reported by DeBerry, McGoff, and Zinn in Castanea 75(4):503-505 (2010).
Emergent/edge of seasonally ponded wetland.
Native Status

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