Stachys matthewsii G.P. Fleming, J.B. Nelson, & J.F. Townsend

Locations ofStachys matthewsii G.P. Fleming, J.B. Nelson, & J.F. Townsend in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Stachys matthewsii G.P. Fleming, J.B. Nelson, & J.F. Townsend
Common Name
Yadkin Hedge-nettle
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Stachys matthewsii G.P. Fleming, J.B. Nelson, & J.F. Townsend
Not included in Atlas III. Stachys matthewsii was described in Journal of the Botanical Research Institute of Texas 5(1):9-18 (2011). As presently known, it is endemic to the Piedmont of s. Virginia and North Carolina with several Coastal Plain stations along the James River in Surry County, Va. It was first collected (in Surry Co.) by Fernald, who misapplied the names S. nuttallii and, later, S. clingmanii to the specimens. The species continued to be subject to much taxonomic and nomenclatural confusion until recently. It is similar to the montane S. latidens in overall morphology and calyx-lobe shape, but has relatively dense pubescence similar to that of S. hispida. In southern Virginia, this taxon's distribution overlaps that of S. hispida as the latter approaches its southern range limits. Despite having a rather narrow range of intermediate characters, this taxon appears to be morphologically distinct and consistent. Two keys to southeastern U.S. Stachys are presented in the JBRIT article which may be helpful in identifying the often enigmatic hedgenettles!
Floodplain forest edges, wet meadows, and clearings of the Piedmont; on shrubby or openly wooded calcareous river shores and shell-marl bluffs of the Coastal Plain; shade-intolerant. Rare in the c. and s. Piedmont and s. Coastal Plain.
Native Status

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