Atriplex glabriuscula Edmondston

Locations ofAtriplex glabriuscula Edmondston in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Atriplex glabriuscula Edmondston
Common Name
Smooth Orach, Maritime Orach, Scotland Saltbush
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Atriplex glabriuscula Edmondston
A re-assessment of Virginia Atriplex specimens by Johnny Townsend and Tom Wieboldt in 2011 led to the notable discovery of two specimens of the northern maritime species A. glabriuscula from the Saltville marshes. While a number of disjunct halophytes have been documented from Saltville over the years, none is as far from their core range as this species, which ranges from the Canadian maritime provinces south to New England and Pennsylvania. Although the specimens were compared with Nova Scotian material, the appropriate varietal designation(s) remains unclear.
Known only from extraordinarily rare inland salt marshes developed in seasonally flooded basins fed by saline springs at Saltville, Smyth County (Ridge and Valley province).
Native Status

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