Solidago altissima L. var. pluricephala M.C. Johnston

Locations ofSolidago altissima L. var. pluricephala M.C. Johnston in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Solidago altissima L. var. pluricephala M.C. Johnston
Common Name
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Solidago altissima L. var. pluricephala M.C. Johnston
A single specimen from Southampton Co. was received at VPI bearing this name as determined by Dr. John C. Semple in 2012. A multivariate morphometric study by Semple et al. (Phytoneuron 2015-10, 1-31) identified this variant, which is common across the southeastern U.S., reaching its northern limits in southeastern Virginia. Compared to var. altissima, this taxon has an elongated, narrow inflorescence and reduced upper stem leaves, but intermediates are reported to occur over a broad zone of sympatry. A second specimen, from Sussex Co., is cited in Phytoneuron 2022-16.
The Virginia distribution and status of this var. are uncertain. According to distribution maps produced by John Semple, it reaches its northeasternmost limits in the se. Virginia Coastal Plain; specimens are known from Sussex and Southampton counties, but the var. could very well be more widespread in that region. It presumably occupies similar open, often disturbed habitats as var. altissima but additional field and herbarium studies are needed to clarify this.
Native Status

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