Hypericum densiflorum Pursh var. interior (Small) Sorrie & Weakley

Locations ofHypericum densiflorum Pursh var. interior (Small) Sorrie & Weakley in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Hypericum densiflorum Pursh var. interior (Small) Sorrie & Weakley
Common Name
Interior Bushy St. John's-wort
Hypericum interior Small
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Hypericum interior Small
Identified by Bruce Sorrie from specimens (Fleming 15733 at VPI) collected in Sept. 2012 at Barnes Chapel fen in Washington County. Specimens previously collected at this site had been variously called Hypericum densiflorum and H. prolificum. This taxon is closely related to H. densiflorum but differs in its narrower, linear-elliptic leaves and also its affiliation with more calcareous habitats. Primarily distributed in the southern Ridge and Valley, it ranges from c. AL and nw. GA to e. and c. TN and sw. VA.
Known from a single, shrubby, calcareous fen in Washington County. Rare, mountains (s. Ridge and Valley region). Associated with Thuja occidentalis, Salix sericea, and Rhamnus alnifolia. Dominant herbaceous species at the site include Carex interior, Rhynchospora capillacea, and Parnassia grandifolia.
Native Status

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