Vitis palmata Vahl

Locations ofVitis palmata Vahl in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Vitis palmata Vahl
Common Name
Red Grape, Cat Grape, Catbird Grape
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Vitis palmata Vahl
Specimens identified as this species were collected at Breaks Interstate Park. This record was called into question in FNA (vol. 12): "Reports of Vitis palmata from Virginia...appear to be based on misidentified material of V. vulpina with somewhat lobed leaves". We are retaining the species entry for palmata out of caution for now. Additional specimens from the southern Piedmont that may be this species have yet to be evaluated by specialists.
Floodplain forests, riverbanks, and wet clearings. This species is poorly known in the state, but has been documented at Breaks Interstate Park, Dickenson County; some specimens collected in the Roanoke River drainage in Charlotte, Mecklenburg, and Halifax counties also appear
to be of this species.
Native Status

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