Pleioblastus pygmaeus (Miq.) Nakai

Locations ofPleioblastus pygmaeus (Miq.) Nakai in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Pleioblastus pygmaeus (Miq.) Nakai
Common Name
Pygmy Bamboo, Dwarf Fern-leaf Bamboo
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Not in Flora of Virginia
This low-growing bamboo is frequently cultivated and is often described as "invasive" in horticultural literature; however, it has not been reported as an escape in other states, as far as we know. The Virginia populations must be regarded as adventive until proven otherwise.
Reported by Steury (Banisteria 37, 2011) from the bank of Dead Run in Fairfax County, a site at which it could not have been planted. More recently found at another site on the George Washington Memorial Parkway (B. Steury, pers. comm.). See also Steury, Triplett, and Parrish (Castanea 78(2): 138-139) for additional details about these collections and others in nearby Maryland and the District of Columbia.
Native Status

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