Marshallia legrandii Weakley

Locations ofMarshallia legrandii Weakley in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Marshallia legrandii Weakley
Common Name
Tall Barbara's-buttons
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Marshallia legrandii Weakley
Marshallia legrandii was described in Phytoneuron 105: 1-17, 2012. This species is a narrow Piedmont endemic known from two populations (one extant and one extirpated) in Granville County, N.C., two populations (one extant and one historical) in adjacent Halifax County, Va., and one historical population in Mecklenburg County, Va. At the extant sites, it is associated with numerous rare and disjunct taxa that are typically associated with prairies and barrens. It was first collected by A.M. Harvill in 1972 near Difficult Creek in Halifax Co., and this and several other specimens collected subsequently were labelled as M. obovata var. obovata, with which they co-occur.
Dry woodlands and clearings over mafic rocks. Rare, s. Piedmont; known from two sites in Halifax County (one extant, the other historical) and from one historical site in Mecklenburg County. The extant site in Halifax County is characterized by montmorillonite, shrink-swell soils weathered from Virgilina greenstone; soil types at the Mecklenburg County site have not been investigated.
Native Status

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