Vachellia constricta (Benth.) Seigler & Ebinger

Locations ofVachellia constricta (Benth.) Seigler & Ebinger in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Vachellia constricta (Benth.) Seigler & Ebinger
Common Name
Whitethorn Acacia
Acacia constricta Benth.
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Not in Flora of Virginia
According to Flora of the Southeastern U.S. (FSUS), our plants are referrable to var. constricta, implying that one or more additional vars. (outside the southeastern U.S.) are recognized. Most sources don't list varieties of this species, although var. paucispina Wooton & Standley is sometimes recognized under Acacia constricta. Additionally, Acacia constricta var. vernicosa (Britt. & Rose) L. Bens. is now considered a separate species (Vachellia vernicosa) although formerly considered "within the concept" of V. constricta, acccording to Ebinger and Siegler in FNA Vol. 11. More importantly, the Virginia specimen was collected on a chrome ore pile in Newport News and could have originated anywhere, so regardless of what taxonomy FSUS may be following, the identity of the Virginia specimen will remain somewhat uncertain until it can be re-examined. Accordingly, we are only treating it at the species level.
Reported from chrome ore piles in Newport News by Clyde Reed, Phytologia 10: 375 (1964).
Native Status

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