Bromus nottowayanus Fern.

Locations ofBromus nottowayanus Fern. in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Bromus nottowayanus Fern.
Common Name
Nottoway Valley Brome Grass, Satin Brome
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Bromus nottowayanus Fern.
This species was originally described by Fernald on the basis of material collected along the Nottoway River in southeastern Virginia. Fernald thought the species was endemic to the Nottoway valley, but it has proven to have a wide, if spotty, distribution in eastern North America. It often co-occurs with Bromus pubescens and may be overlooked. However, it can be readily distinguished by its dark green, shiny foliage and densely hirsute sheaths (vs. light green foliage and glabrous or sparsely hairy sheaths in B. pubescens of our area). Moreover, while B. pubescens flowers and fruits from mid-May through June, B. nottowayensis follows about a month later, from mid-June through July.
Well-drained alluvial forests and mesic upland forests near streams; especially frequent along small-stream bottoms. Infrequent throughout, but frequent in some localities.
Native Status

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