Rhynchospora distans (Michx.) Vahl.

Locations ofRhynchospora distans (Michx.) Vahl. in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Rhynchospora distans (Michx.) Vahl.
Common Name
Fasciculate Beaksedge
Rhynchospora fascicularis (Michx.) Vahl. var. distans (Michx.) Chapm.
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Rhynchospora distans (Michaux) Chapman
This taxon has often been treated as a var. of R. fascicularis, but FNA reduced it to synonymy, stating that the differential character states appear to vary independently across the range of the two taxa. Although the two species can usually be distinguished, some Virginia specimens of Rhynchospora distans appear to have one or more characters intermediate with R. fascicularis. Further study may be warranted.
Sphagnous seeps; wet or seasonally wet depressions and clearings in sandhills now or formerly occupied by Longleaf Pine. Rare, inner Coastal Plain of se. Virginia, south of the James River.
Native Status

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