Heuchera alba Rydb.

Locations ofHeuchera alba Rydb. in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Heuchera alba Rydb.
Common Name
White Alumroot
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Heuchera alba Rydb.
This somewhat controversial taxon has been variously lumped into H. pubescens Pursh (Wells 1984) or split (Wells and Shipes in FNA). It differs from H. pubescens in having larger flowers with white, exerted petals. It might be best treated as a var. of H. pubescens, but a varietal combination has never been proposed. As currently understood, it is narrowly endemic to a small area of the Central Appalachian Ridge and Valley in e. WVA, w. VA, and c. PA.
Exposed and shaded outcrops of quartzite, hematitic sandstone, calcareous sandstone, and siltstone, usually at > 900 m elevation. Restricted to and locally frequent in a small area of the mountains (Augusta, Bath, Highland, and Rockingham counties).
Native Status

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