Viola subsinuata Greene

Locations ofViola subsinuata Greene in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Viola subsinuata Greene
Common Name
Lobed Violet, Lobed Blue Violet, Wavy-leaved Violet
Viola palmata L., in part, of older manuals
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Viola subsinuata Greene
Only a partial map is available at this time (based on specimens at VPI, GH, NCU, GMUF, and WILLI). This taxon has not been recognized as distinct from Viola palmata or V. triloba in previous Virginia floristic studies and herbaria. As currently circumscribed, V. subsinuata is homophyllous (producing lobed/divided leaves from the beginning) whereas V. palmata (now including V. triloba) is heterophyllous (unlobed early leaves followed by lobed ones). Subtle differences in leaf lobing also distinguish these species, but poses a significant challenge best taken on by the experts themselves. See also Comments under Viola monacanora, a similar, recently described species apparently endemic to the VA-NC Blue Ridge.
Because of past lumping with V. palmata, this species is poorly known in Virginia. Its habitats and statewide distribution have yet to be full elucidated. Confirmed records are mostly from the mountain region and occur in mesic to fairly dry hardwood forests.
Native Status

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