Hypericum hypericoides (L.) Crantz ssp. hypericoides

Locations ofHypericum hypericoides (L.) Crantz ssp. hypericoides in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Hypericum hypericoides (L.) Crantz ssp. hypericoides
Common Name
St. Andrew's Cross
Hypericum hypericoides (L.) Crantz, sensu stricto (see H. hypericoides ssp. multicaule)
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Hypericum hypericoides (L.) Crantz
This ssp. and ssp. multicaule were lumped in all previous hard-copy versions of the Atlas. Consequently, the map is incomplete at present, pending a more comprehensive review of Virginia herbarium material. Herbarium specimens are commonly top-snatched, and can be difficult to determine. However, in the field, ssp. hypericoides can be distinguished from ssp. multicaule by its growth habit as an upright, single-stemmed shrub (vs. a matted, decumbent gestalt, with multiple prostrate stems arising from the rootstock in ssp. multicaule). See also Comments under map of Hypericum hypericoides sensu lato.
In varied, damp to dry forests, woodlands, and clearings. Common in the Coastal Plain; infrequent in the outer Piedmont.
Native Status

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