Berberis julianae Schneider

Locations ofBerberis julianae Schneider in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Berberis julianae Schneider
Common Name
Wintergreen Barberry, Chinese Barberry
Berberis julianiae Schneider (orthographic variant)
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Berberis julianae Schneider
Native to China, this very spiny, evergreen shrub was discovered as an escape in Greene County by Bill Henry in 2012; more recently documented in several additional northern Virginia counties and around Richmond. Frequently grown for ornament in North America, it has been also been recently reported as an escape in New York, North Carolina, Alabama, and Mississipi. This species is reportedly shade tolerant, cold-hardy, thicket-forming, and capable of becoming invasive in most parts of the eastern U.S. It remains to be seen whether it become more widespread and established in our area.
In young mesic forest along Chesley Creek at foot of the Blue Ridge in Greene County; weedy thicket in Holmes Run Park, City of Alexandria (Simmons 3886 at VPI); mesophytic hardwood forest, Windy Run Park, Arlington (Simmons 4120); edge of disturbed limestone forest, north end of Shenandoah National Park, Warren Co. (J. Hughes s.n.). Urban forests around Richmond (Wright 10927-10930 at URV).
Native Status

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