Packera crawfordii (Britton) A.M. Mahoney & R.R. Kowal

Locations ofPackera crawfordii (Britton) A.M. Mahoney & R.R. Kowal in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Packera crawfordii (Britton) A.M. Mahoney & R.R. Kowal
Common Name
Crawford's Ragwort
Senecio crawfordii Britton; Senecio pauperculus var. crawfordii (Britt.) T.M. Barkley
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Packera crawfordii (Britton) A.M. Mahoney & R.R. Kowal
Sometimes included in Packera paupercula (as by FNA), this taxon seems distinctive both morphologically and ecologically. Until recently it was known from a single 1940 collection by Fernald and Long in Surry Co.; see Rhodora 43: 521, 657 (1941). An additional specimen collected by T.F. Wieboldt in Sussex Co. has proven to be a close match to the type specimen at NY. The identity of the Surry Co. specimen was somewhat tentative, as it was vegetative; after initially proclaiming it "unmistakable Senecio crawfordii," Fernald later decided, on the slimmest of evidence, that it was a hybrid.
Validation and lectotypification was e-published in Phytoneuron 2015-18:1-2 (Kowal, et als (2015)), with a follow-up article on the status of this neglected species. See Kowal & Mahoney (2016) Brittonia 68(1):74-82, which includes a key, illustrations, and a distribution map.
Wet calcareous ravine bottoms and lowland sedge swales in the Coastal Plain. Rare in the inner Coastal Plain s. of the James River.
Native Status

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