Euthamia weakleyi Nesom

Locations ofEuthamia weakleyi Nesom in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Euthamia weakleyi Nesom
Common Name
Weakley’s Flat-top Goldentop
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
not in Flora of Virginia; named and described after its publication.
This goldenrod was recently described by Nesom in his comprehensive revision of Euthamia (2021-34 Phytoneuron 1-182). As circumscribed, it is a Coastal Plain endemic ranging from Massachusetts to Alabama. It is an essentially glabrous plant that lacks axillary fascicles and has leaves intermediate in width between E. graminifolia and E. caroliniana. As a result, specimens have been variously misidentified as E. hirtipes, E. carolininana, E. gymnospermoides (a similar, Midwestern species), and Solidago tenuifolia. See Nesom (2021) for a morphological description, comparison with similar species, and list of supporting specimens from Virginia and elsewhere. The map presented here is based on Nesom’s map and specimen citations.
Virginia collections are from low fields, damp flatwoods, natural and artificial pond margins, ditches, brackish and salt marsh borders, brackish scrub, tidal river shores, and dredge spoil. It appears to be widely distributed but infrequent in the c. and s. Coastal Plain, rare in the s. Piedmont (one site), and disjunct to several sites in the Shenandoah Valley of Augusta County, where it grows with other Coastal Plain disjuncts.
Native Status

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