Aegilops neglecta Req. ex Bertoloni

Locations ofAegilops neglecta Req. ex Bertoloni in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Aegilops neglecta Req. ex Bertoloni
Common Name
Small Goat Grass, Three-awned Goat Grass
Aegilops ovata L., misapplied; Aegilops geniculata Roth, misapplied
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
in Taxa Not Treated: Unverified Taxa
Originally reported as a "weed in fields, California and Virginia" by Hitchcock & Chase in their 1951 Manual of the Grasses of the United States. There are several collections of this taxon from Arlington County at the US National Herbarium that pre-date that manual and presumably provided the basis for this species' inclusion. Current status in VA is unknown, but this Eurasian grass is still very restricted in North America, being known from CA, OR, NY, and VA.
Native Status

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