Rubus setosus Bigelow

Locations ofRubus setosus Bigelow in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Rubus setosus Bigelow
Common Name
Bristly Blackberry
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Rubus setosus Bigelow
A northern species, known from a site in the Virginia Blue Ridge and another in the Shenandoah Valley. Rare south of New England and the Great Lakes region, the Virginia occurrences are near the southern edge of the species' range. The Augusta County plants have morphology typical of the species but plants in the Big Meadows population may show signs of introgression with another species (possibly R. pensilvanicus) according to USDA botanist Doug Goldman.
The Madison population occurs in a calcareous wet meadow on the summit of the Northern Blue Ridge at 3300 ft elevation. The Augusta population also occurs in a calcareous wet meadow, but at a relatively low elevation (1350 ft.). Originally collected by E.H. Walker (#7716, July 10 1955, det. Rubus setosus by F.R. Fosberg, 1959; det. R. setosus by Doug Goldman, 2013) as “low shrub in grassy or shrubby places. Big Meadows. Shenandoah National Park.” This population was relocated by Doug Goldman in July, 2013. It occurs in the lowest, wettest part of the meadow in association with Cornus racemosa, Calamagrostis canadensis, and various sedges. The Augusta population was discovered in 2019.
Native Status

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