Tragia betonicifolia Nuttall

Locations ofTragia betonicifolia Nuttall in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Tragia betonicifolia Nuttall
Common Name
Betony-leaf Noseburn
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Tragia betonicifolia Nuttall
This close relative of Tragia urticifolia was found in an Albemarle County field by Tom Dierauf and sent to VPI for identification. The specimen turned out to be Tragia betonicifolia, a species of the c. and sc. US that extends eastward in Tennessee. Close scrutiny of specimens of Tragia urticifolia in the herbarium revealed that the species had previously been found as a weed in Henry County and sent in by the County Extension agent. Considering that Tragia urticifolia is a rare, native species of dry, often base-rich soils in the Piedmont, any weedy Tragia should be viewed as possibly being T. betonicifolia.
In a grassy field or clearing near Preddy Creek, Albemarle Co.; a weed in yard, Henry Co. Apparently an introduced weed in Virginia. In its native range to the southwest, it occurs in dry woodlands and barrens.
Native Status

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