Agalinis decemloba (Greene) Pennell

Locations ofAgalinis decemloba (Greene) Pennell in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Agalinis decemloba (Greene) Pennell
Common Name
Ten-lobed False Foxglove
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Agalinis decemloba (Greene) Pennell
This species was lumped under Agalinis obtusifolia Raf. in earlier iterations of the Digital Atlas. However, recent genetic studies by Pettengill and Neel (2011, Amer. J. Bot. 98: 859-871) support their separation and additionally suggest that A. tenella Pennell and the federally listed Agalinis acuta Pennell are not distinct from A. decemloba. A specimen collected by J.B. Lewis in Amelia County formerly determined as Agalinis tenella, was re-determined by B.A. Sorrie on 7/02/2015 as A. decemloba.

Bruce Sorrie (NCU) annotated several specimens from GMUF and WILLI as A. decemloba, and Pettengill and Neel list an additional record deposited at the University Guelph Herbarium (OAC). The present map contains these confirmed records, and four counties added through more recent field work, but must be considered incomplete until material from other herbaria are examined. Additional records are likely contained in the map for Agalinis obtusifolia.

Typical Agalinis decemloba has the corolla lobes emarginate, but a great many Virginia specimens have lobes merely wavy, doubly indented, or barely emarginate. See photos for range of variation in this character.
Dry-mesic to dry open forests, clearings, and roadsides. Infrequent in the Piedmont; Floyd Co. is the only known mountain location to date.
Native Status

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