Corydalis orthopoda Hayata

Locations ofCorydalis orthopoda Hayata in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Corydalis orthopoda Hayata
Common Name
Corydalis brachystyla H. Koidz.; Corydalis koidzumiana Ohwi
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Not in Flora of Virginia.
A native of Taiwan and the Japanese islands of Ryukyu and Bonin, this little known but large and showy, biennial Corydalis was discovered in April, 2013 by Gary Fleming, Karen Patterson, and Dot Field of the Virginia Natural Heritage Program during a routine inventory of Eastern Shore forests. Specimens were identified by Dr. Magnus Liden at the Uppsala University Botanic Gardens in Sweden. He noted that this species has been distributed among specialist gardeners under different (incorrect) names. The Virginia population no doubt originated as an escape from cultivation, although evidence of an old home site near the plants could not be found and has probably been obscured by forest regeneration.
Weedy border of sand road through mixed oak forest, just south of the middle branch of Mattawoman Creek near Reedtown. Locally well established in large, cespitose clumps; growing with both weedy natives and other probable escapes from past cultivation such as Vinca major L., Lycoris radiata, Ajuga reptans, etc.
Native Status

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