Sphagnum subsecundum Nees

Locations ofSphagnum subsecundum Nees in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Sphagnum subsecundum Nees
Common Name
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Not applicable
Of this species, Peat Mosses of the Southeastern United States (Anderson, Shaw & Shaw (2009)) quote from Andrews (1959) saying: "On the species level there is not now and never has been agreement to whether S. subsecundum is a single species, several species or a multitude of species." Anderson, Shaw & Shaw (2009) consider it relatively scarce in the Southeast and absent from the Coastal Plain. They divide the complex into five species. Due to the synonymy in Crum & Anderson where S. lescurii is considered a variety of S. subsecundum, some older specimens in herbaria determined as S. subsecundum may, in fact, represent the much more frequent S. lescurii.
Bogs, seepages, acid swamps, pond edges, and ditches. Distributed statewide but scattered.
Native Status

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