Sphagnum lescurii Sullivant

Locations ofSphagnum lescurii Sullivant in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Sphagnum lescurii Sullivant
Common Name
Sphagnum subsecundum Nees var. rufescens (Nees & Hornsch. ex Nees, Horsch. & Sturm) Hueb.
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Not applicable
Due to synonymy (Crum & Anderson considered S. lescurrii a variety of S. subsecundum), some records for S. subsecundum may belong here. See comment under Sphagnum subsecundum.
In a wide range of sandy to argillaceous soils and superficial to deep peat; habitats include seasonal ponds, wet to seasonally flooded depressions, acid swamps, saturated forests, seepages, bogs, mafic and calcareous fens, interdune swales, floating peat mats, and periodically wet outcrops and pavements; also in disturbed wetlands such as low fields, ditches, and edges of impoundments and beaver ponds. One of our most common species of peat moss.
Native Status

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