Brachythecium acuminatum (Hedw.) Austin

Locations ofBrachythecium acuminatum (Hedw.) Austin in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Brachythecium acuminatum (Hedw.) Austin
Common Name
Brachythecium acuminatum var. cyrtophyllum (Kindb.) Redf. ex H.A. Crum; Brachythecium oxycladon (Brid.) A. Jaeger [as to type]
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Not applicable
Robinson & Ignatov have shown that the type of B. oxycladon (Hypnum oxycladon) belongs here whereas the name has been misapplied by North American bryologists to B. laetum (see Bryologist 100:359-361 (1997)).
See Comment under B. laetum regarding the illustration in Crum and Anderson (1981).
Brachythecium acuminatum is a common species in the Southeast; in Virginia, collections named as B. campestre (not attributed to Virginia in FNA) may belong here, or to B. rotaeanum.
Allen (2014) gives the habitat as "bases of trees, on rooting logs and soil, or on thin soil over rocks."
Native Status

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