Schistidium apocarpum (Hedw.) Bruch & Schimp.

Locations ofSchistidium apocarpum (Hedw.) Bruch & Schimp. in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Schistidium apocarpum (Hedw.) Bruch & Schimp.
Common Name
Grimmia apocarpa Hedw.
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Not applicable
Not mapped for Virginia in FNA. At least 70 specimens in herbaria are labelled with this name (or its synonym, Grimmia apocarpa) reflecting a former broad interpretation of the species. Annotation by Grimmia experts will be required to parse specimens to their appropriate segregate taxa. See comment under Schistidium canadense. In addition, Breil's Highland County record for "Schistidium confertum" is mapped here; FNA attributes Schistidium confertum to the western US.
Specimens bearing this name have been collected on rocks and rocky soils in various settings throughout the Virginia mountains; a few Piedmont collections are also known.
Native Status

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