Solenostoma appalachianum R.M.Schust. ex Bakalin

Locations ofSolenostoma appalachianum R.M.Schust. ex Bakalin in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Solenostoma appalachianum R.M.Schust. ex Bakalin
Common Name
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Solenostoma appalachianum is placed in synonymy with Solenostoma pyriflorum (=Jungermannia pyriflora) by Schuster (1969) but Shaw et al. (2015) demonstrate that North American plants differ from the east Asian pyriflorum.
From Schuster's Giles County collection: "In crevices of damp rocks, exposed part of ravine", above the Cascades along Little Stony Creek, at about 3,000 ft. Range-wide habitat summary from Bakalin (2014): "Acidophilic meso- to hygrophyte. The species is restricted to moist rock crevices or other moist rocky surfaces and (rarely) bare soil in human disturbed areas in the temperate (also coniferous temperate) forests. The species mostly prefers shaded habitats, although sometimes growing in open sites along streams. Once it was collected on decaying log that is highly uncharacteristic for species and for the genus as the whole."
Native Status

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