Sedum pulchellum Michx.

Locations ofSedum pulchellum Michx. in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Sedum pulchellum Michx.
Common Name
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Sedum pulchellum Michx.
Found by Charles Winder in Spring, 2014, just outside of Lexington. Additional visits in June and July in company with John Knox, John Townsend and Tom Wieboldt, revealed the presence of a number of rare and local vascular plants and lichens (including the shale barren endemic, Trifolium virginicum) strongly suggesting that most of the glade species are native at this site. The situation is complicated by the presence of nearby houses and a couple non-native Sedum's on some of the glades. After much thought, the consensus seems to be that Sedum pulchellum is likely native here. We may never know for certain. This occurrence is a slight disjunction from e. KY and e. TN. It it curious that it should be absent from the cedar glades in Lee County, but other floristic differences have been noted. See also the Comment under Scutellaria parvula.
Shallow soil and gravel on small open limestone bedrock glades.
Native Status

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