Odontoschisma sphagni (Dicks.) Dumort.

Locations ofOdontoschisma sphagni (Dicks.) Dumort. in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Odontoschisma sphagni (Dicks.) Dumort.
Common Name
Odontoschisma prostratum (Sw.) Trevis.
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Not applicable
Stotler & Crandall-Stotler (1977 - Checklist of the liverworts and hornworts of North America) state that although O. sphagni is native to North America, the name has been misapplied by American authors to both O. denudatum and O. prostratum. The few Virginia specimens (all at NY) bearing the name should be critically examined. However, the World Checklist of Hornworts and Liverworts (2016) synonymizes O. prostratum under O. sphagni based on two papers published in 2014 (Taxon 63(5):1009-1025; Nova Hedwigia 100(1/2):15-100), so previous records for O. prostratum have been shifted here.
On rotting wood, humus, and among mosses in mesic forests and swamps; often on embankments along streams. Widely distributed in the Coastal Plain and Piedmont; frequent in the mountains, but not often collected.
Native Status

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