Frullania caulisequa (Nees) Nees

Locations ofFrullania caulisequa (Nees) Nees in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Frullania caulisequa (Nees) Nees
Common Name
Frullania obcordata Lehm. & Lindenb.
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
A southern liverwort that reaches its northern range limits in far southeastern Virginia, as documented by R.M. Schuster in 1957. The species was rediscovered in the vicinity of Schuster's Cape Henry collections in 2022. Several species of Frullania are fairly common on tree bark in this area but F. caulisequa seems to be much more sporadic in occurrence.
The 2022 collections were from the bark of small Nyssa biflora, Acer rubrum, and Liquidambar trees in shallowly flooded Taxodium distichum-Nyssa biflora swamps. Thus far it has not been discovered in upland habitats. Throughout its range in the southern U.S., it occurs on a wide variety of tree species and in a spectrum of environmental conditions ranging from xeric scrub to pocosins, swamps, and various mesic habitats (Schuster 1992). Known in Virginia from just a few collections, all in the vicinity of the Great Dismal Swamp (Chesapeake City) or Cape Henry (Virginia Beach City) (Biodiversity occurrence data published by DUKE, NY, PH, SIU. Accessed through Consortium of North American Bryophyte Herbaria (CNABH) Data Portal, http//, 2019-12-28)..
Native Status

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