Microlejeunea bullata (Taylor) Steph.

Locations ofMicrolejeunea bullata (Taylor) Steph. in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Microlejeunea bullata (Taylor) Steph.
Common Name
Lejeunea ulicina Taylor ssp. bullata (Taylor) R.M. Schust.
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
This predominately Coastal Plain species has occasional disjunct occurrences in the mountains. Schuster (1980) describes the range: "In the United States ranging from southeastern Virginia southward on the Coastal Plain to southern Florida and westward to Louisiana; recurring, in part in atypical phases grading into ssp. ulicina, in the southern Appalachian Escarpment gorges, and more rarely elsewhere in the Southern Appalachians".
Schuster's collection came from the bark of Ilex opaca on the NE side of Lake Drummond. The Giles County collection was made by P.M. Patterson. It is not known if the Giles County plants are of the "atypical" type described by Schuster.
Native Status

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