Andropogon virginicus L. var. virginicus

Locations ofAndropogon virginicus L. var. virginicus in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Andropogon virginicus L. var. virginicus
Common Name
Broomsedge, Broomstraw, Sedge Grass, Sage Grass
Andropogon virginicus L. var. virginicus, in part
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Andropogon virginicus var. virginicus
Most herbarium specimens have not been determined as to variety, but the great majority are certainly var. virginicus. See Comment under A. virginicus var. decipiens.
Old fields, pastures, roadsides, and clearings, often dominating early-successional vegetation on dry or nutrient-depleted sites; occurs more sparingly in varied natural habitats, especially dry woodlands and barrens, granitic flatrocks, dune scrub and woodlands, maritime forests, Piedmont hardpan forests, interdune swales, and depression ponds. Common throughout.
Native Status

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