Andropogon mohrii (Hack.) Hack. ex Vasey

Locations ofAndropogon mohrii (Hack.) Hack. ex Vasey in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Andropogon mohrii (Hack.) Hack. ex Vasey
Common Name
Mohr's Bluestem, Tawny Bluestem
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Andropogon mohrii (Hack.) Hack. ex Vasey
Probably extirpated. Known historically from the "Petersburg bog" at the head of Poor Run, Prince George Co. This habitat was reportedly destroyed during the construction of Interstate 95 in the 1940's. A collection at US (Swallen 5541), attributed to Dinwiddie Co., is cited by Campbell in J. Arn. Arboretum 64:220 (1983)(as A. liebmanii var. pungensis). The locality, "open swamp, 5 miles south of Petersburg", is more likely Prince George County.
Sphagnous bogs. Known historically from one or two inner Coastal Plain sites south of Petersburg, now probably extirpated.
Native Status

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