Aesculus flava Ait.

Locations ofAesculus flava Ait. in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Aesculus flava Ait.
Common Name
Yellow Buckeye
Aesculus flava Solander
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Aesculus flava Ait.
The red dots indicate the native range in Virginia. This tree is occasionally planted outside its natural range and sometimes escapes in suitable habitats. Such escapes have been documented in both Fairfax and Loudoun Counties.
Rich cove forests, rich floodplain forests, dry-mesic to dry calcareous forests and woodlands, northern hardwood forests, and occasionally in other montane forests; this species is most common in moderately to strongly base-rich soils at lower and middle elevations but thrives in extremely acidic, infertile soils at higher elevations. Common in the sw. mountains, n. to Alleghany, Rockbridge, and Augusta counties; infrequent and mostly restricted to floodplains and sheltered river-fronting slopes in the sw. Piedmont, north to Buckingham and Nelson counties.
Native Status

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