Schistidium liliputanum (Müll. Hal.) Deguchi

Locations ofSchistidium liliputanum (Müll. Hal.) Deguchi in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Schistidium liliputanum (Müll. Hal.) Deguchi
Common Name
Grimmia lilliputana Müll. Hal.
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Schistidium liliputanum very much resembles a Grimmia due in large part to its hair-point leaves in small cushions. It may be distinguished by it's small size, enlarged perichaetial leaves, and short, cupulate capsules. Microscopically, the basal marginal cells have transverse thickening that contrast with their lateral walls.
Virginia collections of Schistidium liliputanum are from cliffs, wet rocks near waterfalls, and dry rocks, even xeric shale barrens. It occurs on both metamorphic rocks of the Blue Ridge and sandstone and shale of the Ridge and Valley.
Native Status

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