Solenostoma infuscum (Mitt.) Hentschel

Locations ofSolenostoma infuscum (Mitt.) Hentschel in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Solenostoma infuscum (Mitt.) Hentschel
Common Name
Jungermannia infusca (Mitt.) Steph.
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Not applicable
A single Virginia collection (at NY) by P.M. Patterson from Whitetop Mountain labeled "Jungermannia infusca (Mitt.) Steph." (= Solenostoma infuscum (Mitt.) Hentschel) seems doubtful, as Solenostoma infuscum is a Eurasian boreal species that is otherwise unreported from North America. While such remarkable disjunctions are not unknown in the Southern Appalachians, we are primarily mapping it here in the hopes that it will lead to a critical examination of the specimen.
On rocks and cliffs near summit of Whitetop Mountain (elev. ~5500 ft), Smyth County (P.M. Patterson 2790 in 1956) (Biodiversity occurrence data published by NY. Accessed through Consortium of North American Bryophyte Herbaria (CNABH) Data Portal, http//, 2015-02-10).
Native Status

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