Corydalis incisa (Thunb.) Pers.

Locations ofCorydalis incisa (Thunb.) Pers. in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Corydalis incisa (Thunb.) Pers.
Common Name
Incised Fumewort, Purple Keman
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Corydalis incisa (Thunberg) Persoon
This frequently cultivated, Asiatic biennial appears to be a shade-tolerant, aggressive invader that does well in mesic, forested habitats. See Atha, Schuler, and Tobing's paper in Phytoneuron 2014-96:1-6 for details about this species occurrence in New York. Recent reports of Corydalis incisa from Maryland, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee suggest that this species may be starting to escape, at least locally, over a considerable range in the eastern US.
Shaded yards, mesic slope forests, and well-drained floodplain forests, particularly on sandy levees that are frequently flooded; most populations occur along or near streams and rivers. Infrequent but locally abundant and rapidly spreading, Piedmont and mountains. Well established in several areas of the Potomac and James River drainages; experience suggests that the species is almost certainly occurring undetected at additional sites.
Native Status

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