Corallorhiza trifida Châtelain

Locations ofCorallorhiza trifida Châtelain in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Corallorhiza trifida Châtelain
Common Name
Early Coralroot, Northern Coralroot
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Corallorhiza trifida Châtelain
The Nelson County specimen is the first legitimate record for Virginia. The species was previously mapped in error for Albemarle County in the first two hard-copy editions of the Atlas, based on misidentified specimens of an unusual form of C. maculata var. occidentalis (Lindley) Ames that is yellow and has unspotted flowers. Corallorhiza trifida occurs close to Virginia in West Virginia and Maryland. Across its broad northern distribution, this species may be found in coniferous, deciduous, and mixed woods with microhabitats ranging from seeps or swamps to uplands. Southern populations usually restricted to cool, moist habitats (FNA). Flowers of the Nelson County plants are unmarked; such plants are sometimes referred to as var. verna (Nuttall) Fernald (J.V. Freudenstein, pers. comm.)
The Nelson County population is small, and occupies a forested seep adjacent to a small creek. Characteristic associates include Veratrum viride, Viola cucullata, Saxifraga micranthidifolia, Chrysosplenium americanum, and various ferns. The Corallorhiza seems restricted to small, moss-covered hummocks within this seep.
Native Status

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