Hexastylis chueyi (B.T. Sinn) Weakley & D.B. Poind.

Locations ofHexastylis chueyi (B.T. Sinn) Weakley & D.B. Poind. in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Hexastylis chueyi (B.T. Sinn) Weakley & D.B. Poind.
Common Name
Chuey's Evergreen Wild Ginger
Asarum chueyi B.T. Sinn
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Hexastylis chueyi (B.T. Sinn) Weakley & D.B. Poind.
Asarum chueyi was described in Phytotaxa 224(1):85-95 (2015) from several counties in Virginia and one county in Tennessee. The type locality is on the Rivanna River in Albemarle County. Excellent color photos may be seen in the online edition of Phytotaxa and are an essential aid since most pressed herbarium specimens of evergreen ginger flowers are basically unhelpful! The nomenclatural transfer to Hexastylis was made by Weakley and Poindexter in J. Bot. Res. Inst. Texas 14(2): 199-239 (2020).

This plant has been known in Virginia since 1982 from several collections at VPI that were subsequently annotated as either Hexastylis heterophylla or H. minor but known to represent an anomalous morphology not representative of those species and kept separate in the herbarium. The species is attributed to limestone cliffs (type specimen!), but bedrock in this area of Albemarle County is metamorphic and acidic as it is at all Virginia occurrences.
Hardwood bluffs, slopes, and banks adjacent to streams and rivers, often associated with bedrock outcrops.
Native Status

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