Frullania appalachiana R. M. Schuster

Locations ofFrullania appalachiana R. M. Schuster in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Frullania appalachiana R. M. Schuster
Common Name
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
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This taxon was described from Grandfather Mountain, N.C. and has usually been attributed to the higher mountains and escarpment gorges of North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee. Paul Davison (UNA) has found the species to be distributed much more widely, including lower elevations and from less specialized habitats, however. The identity of the Franklin County material was confirmed by Davison
The habitat in Virginia is hardwood-dominated forests of the Piedmont and mountains, ranging from relatively low elevations (1,300 feet) to well over 4,000 feet. The Franklin County material was obtained from a somewhat open woodland habitat among rock outcrops with southerly aspect, while the other collections were made from mid- to high- elevation hardwood-dominated forests. The latter collections indicate the species could be much more widespread in Virginia.
Native Status

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