Paspalum setaceum Michx. var. setaceum

Locations ofPaspalum setaceum Michx. var. setaceum in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Paspalum setaceum Michx. var. setaceum
Common Name
Thin Paspalum, Slender Paspalum
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Varieties not treated in the Flora of Virginia
Many Virginia specimens of P. setaceum are not identified as to variety. Based on specimens at VPI annotated by Dr. R.L. Wilbur (DUKE) in 2015, as well as additional verified specimens at other herbaria, the most frequent subspecific taxon in Virginia is var. m├╝hlenbergii, while var. ciliatifolium and var. setaceum are widespread but much less often encountered. Further study of herbarium material is needed.

This var. is distinctive in its slender habit and extremely small spikelets.
Dry to, less often, mesic habitats, including woodlands, clearings, rock outcrops, interdune swales, meadows, fields, and roadsides. Most recent collections have come from sandy habitats in the Coastal Plain.
Native Status

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